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About the Feature Requests category (1)
Export rendition without filters option (1)
Change direction of checkbox (1)
Admin privileges for edit context (4)
Support for history commands (3)
Missing font in Assets (2)
Mouse down outside event (2)
Allow passing null or negative number to use current value in move and resize APIs (1)
Disabling Responsive Resize by code (1)
SceneNode.moveTo method relative to parent node (4)
Add or rename properties to describe parent container and parent artboard (1)
‘Last Plugin’ shortcut (2)
Throw errors or show warnings when duplicate function name (6)
Add constants for frequently used types (17)
Add non delta size and position methods (2)
Get the untransformed bounds of an object (9)
Add toString to some of the objects (4)
Option to duplicate from a scenenode that's outside the edit context (4)
Add staging or beta testing support to plugin io console and plugin manager (2)
Return the bitmap data or base64 string data of a rendition (1)
Show location lines programatically (5)
Selected attribute to be supported in options tag (5)
Input mask or input range for text inputs (7)
Set overflow to auto on plugins by default to prevent cut off (5)
Add Plugin Icon near Layers icon in Tools panel (2)
Support for Mouse Events (9)
Select (single) nodes outside the edit context programmatically (1)
Option to save to a plain text format (5)
Removing plugin path from console logging (4)
Rectangle class for working with size and positioning (1)