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Where is the HEX Code of Favourite Colors stored in XD Project? (5)
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Plugin metadata on nodes (4)
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Horizontal menubar for Windows 10 XD app (5)
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Web workers for UXP (2)
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Enable fontStyle property even in plugins UI (4)
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Reverting the entire edit operation (6)
Allow to access any part of the app UI (5)
Plugins really need access to Adobe ID of user (or really any unique ID) (1)
Are there events represent for document editing? (10)
Leveldb / indexeddb for apps running inside XD (4)
Provide a better search engine for the Discover Plugins panel (taking into account e.g. the description) (2)
Enable drag and drop of xdx plugin file onto XD to install or update it (6)
Retrieve all existing data while updating plugins in the I/O console (step 3) (2)
Make available some of the icons in the main application for reuse in plugins (1)
Total Plugins Installments - How many users are using it? (7)