(A few ?) more votes for feature requests


While I understand that the limit on votes for feature requests is intentional (for prioritization), I feel like it isn’t ideal. Since probably 1,5 months ago, I’m already out of votes and many new feature requests stay at 0 votes because no one has any votes left. This means that the amount of votes depends more on when the request was submitted than on how many people would want it getting implemented. If instead, users had many (or even infinite) votes, this would mean that there would be much more votes, but they would represent the user base’s opinion (and not the point in time when a request was submitted).

I’d also argue that you’d also be able to see equally as much prioritization since there would be some (statistically even better) results. Currently, with each request having ~ 3-4 votes, the question whether the requesting person votes for his/her own request means about 1/4 or 1/3 difference, which has nothing to do with the question of if this request is important to the community or not (also, with so few votes, you get a lot of external factors manipulating the data by generating outliers because there are as few votes per request).

It’s true that you won’t get as much contrast in the votes of the requests, but the contrast that (statistically) would exist would be much more representative of the community’s opinion with infinite votes. There would still be people thinking certain requests shouldn’t get prioritized and therefore people who don’t vote for requests so that in the end, you’d still get (real) prioritization.

I hereby request that users get either more or (even better) infinite votes so that prioritization isn’t created by the point of time a user got an idea for a feature of the API but by the opinion of the user base.


@Erin_Finnegan @kerrishotts do you know who has control over this? I’d assume the admin of the forum would have the privilege.


Unfortunately I’m an admin of the private prerelease group, and not the uservoice instance.

Fortunately, there’s some new uservoice feature where there are “supporters” instead of votes.

I have asked around in the Adobe XD team Slack to try and find the admin.


I’ve bumped the number of votes per level on this forum. There’s no way to allow an “infinite number”, as far as I can tell, but the numbers are now a bit higher – let’s see how these do before adjusting further.


Wait are you talking about the Feature Requests category in this forum, or on https://adobexd.uservoice.com/ ? Because if it’s this forum I’ve been humorously asking the wrong people for help.


I’m talking about this forum…



D’oh! That’s too funny…


I found an admin for uservoice, though!