Adobe XD Plugin insights are unreachable


Hi everyone, I published my first Adobe XD plugin 2 weeks ago but I’m not able to access the insights part of the developer console since.
It’s all blank under the “overview” label but I see “LAST REFRESH AUGUST 2, 2020 7:28 PM” which is the correct time because I’m watching it at this exact time.

Is it a problem that someone else encounter ? What can I do to access to my plugin statistics ?

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a new plugin
  • Published it
  • Go to the “Insights” section and nothing appear in my case

You can found my plugin there :

Expected Behavior

I would like to access to the insights about my plugin.

Actual Behavior

The page is blank with not any informations.

Insights page screen

I think we heard in a public presentation that these wouldn’t be coming online until early in 2021.

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Thank’s for your answer

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