Analogue of forceRenditionRootVisible

Content API (if I call it correctly) has an option to export hidden assets forceRenditionRootVisible. How can I do it using current api? When I export hidden layer I just get an empty image.

If nodes are hidden in the document, they are actually invisible in the document as well. What’s the use case of creating renditions of these hidden, invisible nodes?

The use case might be user has 1 button with 4 states, 1 state is visible, other hidden. All 4 marked for export. I need to get renditions for all 4 states not just one visible.
Maybe I said it wrong I mean bitmap or svg are empty when I export layer itself, not the entire document or one of the parent layers. This problem was fixed for content api with forceRenditionRootVisible flag.

This is another use case that requires us to support to get at par with CAAPI @afuchs

OK, I’ll bite. What’s CAAPI? CA API?

Content Access API which was opened privately for a few partners in the early days (before plugin APIs).