API to create ZIP (or any other kind of) archives?


Hi everyone!

I was wondering if there’s any built-in API for compressing multiple files together (e.g. multiple asset renditions) into a single archive (ZIP, tarball, etc) in Adobe XD?
One common use case is uploading files to a web server which would otherwise require them to be uploaded one by one.

If there’s no such API, I guess it makes sense to file a Feature Request?

Thank you!


There’s no API for this yet, but you should be able use a JS-only zip compressor module like https://www.npmjs.com/package/jszip. (I haven’t tried this yet, though.)

Definitely worth a feature request though!

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Thank you @kerrishotts ! I’ll take a look at possible options in Node.js land.


Are there any updates on that? As I understand Xd relies on zip a lot as xd file format is a zip.


FYI I’ve changed this topic to a feature request since it’s come up multiple times.

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@gdreyv Thanks for following up with us. This is in our backlog but please note that we generally prioritize feature requests with more votes.