Console changes are coming, March 5th


A question about keywords:
do we have to add a word as keyword even if it’s already in the description text or would it be redundant?


I’ve written a JSON schema making it easier to edit the manifest.json files in general and updating plugins to fit the new requirements in particular. You can read more about it in my forum post or directly in the GitHub repository


@Velara that hasn’t been required for some time (although its presence doesn’t invalidate your manifest). Since all plugins must have a main.js file, it was probably seen as redundant to require stating that in the manifest.

I just checked against the Console’s starter project, and my findings:

  1. The presence of that field won’t stop your plugin from loading
  2. The field’s value is not “configurable” (changing the value to point to another file doesn’t do anything)
  3. The starter project includes this field, but it can (and probably should) be omitted

Let me know if you’ve seen anything to the contrary.

I’ll take this back to the team. Currently, I’m thinking we just need to remove the field from the starter project.


Do you have a #XDplugin developer tool or sample plugin that you’ve updated to support or reflect the new manifest changes?

This includes XD-Awesome contributors.

Feel free to share in a reply to this tweet:


@ashryan, my plugins are all up-to-date but unfortunately I haven’t any social account. Anyway, they are all available through XD-Awesome.


@ashryan, any recommendation regarding keywords?


Not yet. We realize that details and best practices are scarce at the moment. We’re looking into what further guidance we can provide. Thanks for bringing this up!


I would certainly hope it’s redundant – I’m pretty sure searching on words that are in the description field should continue to work just fine.

But I believe one of the issues here is that the Plugin Manager implementation work to actually use the new keywords field is not complete yet. We’re hoping to have clearer info soon on when Plugin Manager will begin using this field for search results and how exactly it will work (CC @ashryan, @stevekwak).