createRenditions fails often in Windows


XD Windows

applicatoin.createRenditions fails for rendering imageNodes in Windows. In Mac it is successful.

Steps to reproduce

  • storyboard_cat_cdu.xd
  1. Please put Test plugin to develop folder and open storyboard_cat_cdu.xd file

  2. The check box on and Export As Markdown will open a Folder browser where the images files are rendered.

  3. “io.failed” error happens

  4. Use XD’s Export command in menu Export > All Artboard Export > Asset As Design. This succeeds without a problem.

  5. Try again Export As Markdown in the plugin. This time, it succeeds.

  6. Once more Export As Markdown in the plugin. It fails

  7. Export > All Artboard Export. It fails with the error message

Please fix it. This problem only happens in Windows. Mac is all right.

We have identified this as a known issue in XD; the engineering team is looking at it.