Dropdown width – differences between default and quiet in Mac and Windows


I am not sure if this is a real bug but I’ve noticed that are differences when setting dropdown width between Mac and Windows.

I have a dropdown that has to be 130 px wide. So, in my code I have
languagesMenu.style.width = 130

on MAC

the default dropdown is 130 px wide
the quiet dropdown is still 130 but the arrow is pushed toward text


the default dropdown is truncated at 130 px
the quiet dropdown is 130 px wide
only removing languagesMenu.style.width = 130 from code, truncation is solved but now the dropdown has a fixed width of about 206 px.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue?
Thank you.


Looks like the Windows dropdown has a much wider intrinsic size than does the macOS equivalent. Hmm. That bit’s definitely a bug.

For the location of the chevron, this is normal behavior. On macOS, it will align next to the text, and on Windows, it will align to the widget bounds.