Getting the opened document's name

Maybe this has been asked somewhere before (I actually think I remember something like this getting asked somewhere), but since I have searched for the last ~0.5h without success, I’ll just ask here :wink: (and if it were only to have the answer in this forum as well):

Is there any way to get the name of the currently opened Adobe XD document (i.e. the file name)?

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Not at the moment. I added it to the roadmap:


Thanks so much. Any idea when this might be available?


@b3u As you can see in the public roadmap above, this request is under the “future” column, meaning there is no definite timeline for this yet. We will keep this roadmap updated as we move ahead. Please stay tuned.

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As I can see still no updates on it :frowning: Please convert this topic to feature request to let people upvote for it. Also it will be great to have filepath of the current document. Thanks!

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As cool as it’d be to provide the file path for the currently open document, the problem is what to provide when the user is looking at a cloud document – they don’t have local file paths on disk. We’re looking at options here, but need to consider all the edge cases here.

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At least for me, the only important thing is the actual document name (which always exists – may it be in the cloud or not). From what I’ve seen, local files seem to get “discouraged” in newer versions anyway (with users only able to select a folder and then define a file name instead of saving the XD file itself, which is now done automatically). Therefore, the only possible thing to provide (and what I’m requesting) would be the document name defined here:

The only reason I’d like to have this option is to have some sort of “basis” to name files I save and/or export in my plugins. For example, if I save an HTML report in my plugin, it’d be great to “by default” name it [xd-document-name]-report.html.

Further details about the file would – of course – be nice, but aren’t what I’ve asked about here.

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In my case I need some kind of unique identity of the document. Root guid doesn’t work because all documents could be created from the common template and all root guids will be the same. Document path seems to be good solution. Even cloud documents have some kind of path which points to the location in the cloud.

May I ask, what you need that for (just out of curiosity)? I – currently – don’t see any use-case for that (all use-cases I can think of would still work or even “prefer” those identities to be the same when it is based off of the same template, therefore also retaining this identity when, e.g., moving or copying the file in the file system)…

Thank you very much in advance

user exports assets into the specific project. Next time when user export assets from the same document I want to suggest the same project which was used last time for that document or even just update already exported assets.

Same. A user of mine asked to have settings for the whole project instead of each individual artboard.

Something like:

var name = root.documentName;

Converting to a feature request per @gdreyv and marked it as unsolved (correct?) so it can be marked solved when it’s available.

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