Hi. I'm Pablo. Who I am in a few words


Hi. My name’s Pablo Klaschka and I’m a developer from Würzburg, Germany. I’m currently studying space- and aerospace computer science at university and work in the field of web- and app development for a local business (where I got some experience with production usage of HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.).

I’m the creator of the typescript definitions for developing Adobe XD plugins as well as a Lorem Ipsum plugin.

When I’m not currently developing plugins, websites or apps, I play a few musical instruments and read a lot. Also, I sometimes like solving a few math equations (yes: I’m a nerd :nerd_face: – and happy about it :wink:)


You can find my plugins on https://xdplugins.pabloklaschka.de/


Really nice landing page, Pablo!!! (And great plugins, too!)


Awesome webpage! Thanks for being an active member of the community