How can I iterate through all elements in the document - not just one node, but scan all of it?


I have been trying to iterate through all elements of a document. This would include all Graphic nodes and group nodes. Is there a way to iterate through all children, something like root.AllChildren.foreach? Am I missing something here?


Try that it works √ perfectly fine


If you have root as the node whose children you’d like to iterate over, something like

root.children.forEach((child, index) => {
  // Do stuff here

should work (cf. There is also – though that seems to be undocumented, so you might want to be careful with that – SceneNodeList::items, which lets you use a “standard” JS for-of loop:

for (let node of root.children.items) {
  // Do stuff here

This has the advantage that you can also use it in an asynchronous context without any further “complications”.

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If you want to call a function on each node you could use the function here:

 * Calls the passed in function on the passed in node and it's descendants 
 * @param {SceneNode} node SceneNode 
 * @param {Function} command Function to call on each node
 * @param {*} value Optional value to pass to command
function walkDownTree(node, command, value = null) {
  command(node, value);

  if (node.isContainer) {
    var childNodes = node.children;

    for(var i=0;i<childNodes.length;i++) {
      let childNode =;

      walkDownTree(childNode, command, value);

You would create your own function and it would be called on each node:

function showNodeName(node) { 
     console.log("Node name: " +;

walkDownTree(root, showNodeName);


Thanks Velara! This is exactly what I was looking for.