How to create an Area Text


Is there any way to create an Area Text ?

I can create a Point Text but I’m apparently not allowed to create an Area Text.

Doc ref:




Unfortunately, we cannot create Area Text (or convert point text to area text) yet.


This release allows us to create an Area Text, right?


@tullio @naru0504
You should be able to create an area text since the latest XD14 release. Try this code:

const { Text, Color } = require("scenegraph");

function myPluginCommand(selection) {

    const newText = new Text();
    newText.text = "hey this is an area box";
    newText.fill = new Color("blue");
    newText.areaBox = { width: 100, height: 100 };

    newText.moveInParentCoordinates(100, 100);


module.exports = {
    commands: {


I can confirm that it works perfectly both in XD 14 and in XD Prerelease 16.
Thank you.