Including XD examples with your plugin


Is anyone including XD example projects with their plugin (in their plugin directory)? If so is there a way to open them in XD cross platform?


@Velara there is currently no plugin API to open an XD document yet

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I’d also love to hear who is distributing sample XD projects, and how you’re doing it!

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For me, I’m creating a set of examples that show the different features in my plugin and for two reasons:

  1. Giving them a working example that a user can start from
  2. Testing features. “Feature X is not working? Can you test feature X works in the provided Feature X example?”

There have been a few plugins that I’ve tried out I wasn’t sure how to use. Having a project that has before and after art boards or art boards setup ready to have a plugin run might help the visual learners out there.

A Stock Photo Filler plugin would have two artboards:

Something like Photo Filler is self explanatory but there are other plugins like Vector Selection Reducer or Raster Blaster that don’t get the idea across from the description. :slight_smile:


Can XD open cloud documents automatically?


Unfortunately, regardless of where your doc is located (cloud vs local), XD has no public api for devs to use to open the document. However, I agree that the use cases you mentioned there are totally valid. In fact, opening an XD file programmatically is one of the features we hear a lot these days. We will discuss this internally. Thanks for your suggestion!

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