Leveldb / indexeddb for apps running inside XD



  • For small application development it would be really cool to have leveldb / indexeddb available. Developer benefits: Don’t need to have a server up and running all the time. Scaling issues with many users would be gone. User benefits: Quicker response time. No need to trust 3rd party sites with your data, they live inside Adobe XD.

  • Code example (indexing data to indexeddb and searching indexeddb): https://fergiemcdowall.github.io/search-index/demo/

I’m looking into creating a Design with search data app and need search-index and pouchdb.


Thanks for the feature request! We’ll take it under evaluation.

In the meantime, I wonder if something like https://www.npmjs.com/package/fake-indexeddb would get you part of the way (in conjunction with the XD FS APIs for persistent storage)?


Thanks! I’ll have a look. I’ll also start building other parts that are needed.


I have set up a repository for the project and will see if we can make fake-indexeddb work to easily evaluate the idea.