Limit Voting in a month



Hi this is regarding voting of feature requests on website

while there are few votes are available to give votes we cannot vote more than 4 feature requests

restriction is good but most of us want more than four features in App
so instead of restricting to 4 votes make these restrictions on a monthly basis
so every one gets some votes every month instead of full restriction


I guess you get one more vote if something is implemented? Then you get 4 votes you can distribute at any given time. I thougt like you at first, but now I’m leaning more towards having to distribute your 4 votes on something you want combined with what you think will actually happen. It may make your prioritizing better.


Hi – we’re always open to suggestions on the voting process. We’ll be adjusting the vote limits over time to ensure things feel right, but it’s also a valuable tool for prioritization. If everyone voted for everything, we’d not have any real guidance as to what’s important to the community.

We’ll take a look at the #s, though and see if there’s any tweaking we can do. (This forum is still really young, so a lot of the settings are the default Discourse settings.)



yeah you’re right
votes by everybody to every feature only effects when there are unlimited votes
since it has already limit votes to 4 i think
so each month there are features arrives on forums if a person has voted some requests that are not completed and still want to vote a new feature which is similar importance to the already voted this limits the user and makes him some unevenness so we can limit these votes per month basis also i think you understand my concept each has 4 votes per month votes cast on previous month are locked and cannot be changed so that we can limit the user with 4 votes as well as raising the votes for important feature requests