Open Adobe XD file


Is it possible to open an Adobe XD file from the code of a plugin, please?

Indeed, our plugin downloads some Adobe XD files, used as templates, and once they have been downloaded and saved on the file system via our plugin, we would like to offer to the end-user the opportunity to open one of those XD files.

We could not find any documentation on this regard.

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It is currently not possible to open XD files from a plugin. I’ll therefore move this to feature requests :wink:

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thank you @pklaschka.

With the current guarded filesystem mechanism, I guess that Adobe is likely to require that this feature would ask for an end-user validation: would it be possible to ask for the end-user confirmation once the function will have been invoked, please? A confirmation of the form: “do you agree to open the Adobe XD file located on your computer at ‘/some/path’?”.

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Thank you for providing the use case. We are working on including this API in the future. We will keep you posted as we finalize the timeline!