Open panel with keyboard shortcut

Open panel with keyboard shortcut

Use Case
Hank is making a panel that shows the products sold at his company for display in a brochure. When his plugin is opened he displays propane and propane accessories. The designer can then can drag and drop the images onto the stage.

He is getting a requests to have the panel open with a keyboard shortcut and if possible then close the panel with the same keyboard shortcut.

Opening the panel should already be possible with a keyboard shortcut

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Yay! :smiley: It works

        "type": "panel",
        "label": "My Panel",
        "panelId": "myPanelDialog",
        "shortcut": { "mac": "Cmd+Shift+N", "win": "Ctrl+Shift+N" }

Also, I found the existing shortcut Cmd+Shift+P that opens and closes the panel and the shortcut I define opens my specific panel.