Plugins really need access to Adobe ID of user (or really any unique ID)


I know we’ve discussed this briefly over on the Adobe-Dev Slack (thanks, Kerri), but I’d like to bring it up here for visibility.

If we’re going to monetize plugins, we’ll need some way of “registering” a plugin on its first use, and thus we’ll need some unique ID for the Xd user.

I realize access to the Adobe ID (which is also an email address?) is fraught, but perhaps the plugin API could just provide a unique identifier (the internal unique ID for the Adobe ID itself, or some transformed version that’s still unique)?



Other than the purpose of having a unique id for each user, is there any other use case for having access to user’s Adobe ID?


No, but you had to admit that enabling licensing control is a pretty big deal if you want a thriving commercial market for XD plugins.

Of course, that’s a good question: what does Adobe envision about the plugins market? Commercial or open-source only?


Hi @cpryland we’ll be adding support for commercial plugins in the future, though the timeline is still TBD. First step will be linking plugin acquisition to the user’s profile automatically - we do this already for other CC extension types through the Adobe Exchange. This will also ensure that users who install a plugin see that same plugin install on any other device they might be using.

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OK, thanks.

But note that the general sentiment about at least the indie devs about the whole Exchange system is “meh” at best, even with all the improvements made this past year.

Perhaps that’s partly about un-discoverability that’s addressed in XD’s plugins “front and center” approach.

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Totally understand. While more improvements are coming down the pipe for the Exchange overall, in-app plugin discovery is an area we’re investing heavily in, starting with XD.

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