Select tag rendering

I’m using following layout

    <option value="@1x" selected>@1x</option>
    <option value="@2x">@2x</option>
    <option value="@1x">@2x</option>

Which leads to following rendered element on Windows platform (take a look at down arrow)
Xd version is image
Host in manifest is:

"host": {
  "app": "XD",
  "minVersion": "20.0"

UWP Dropdowns in XD have a very wide instrinsic width. What’s the width of the containing element?

Out of curiosity, if you try uxp-quiet="true", does the rendering improve any?

Hmmm, by some reason I can’t reproduce it now, I will post update if I face it again. Seems to be floating rendering problem (

Yep, there is something wrong with rendering. I got it once again:
and with uxp-quiet="true":

What OS version details can you share, so I can forward it to the appropriate team.

I’m on Windows 10 x64 build 18362.175 (version 1903).

image now drop down button is a sector :slight_smile: