Set overflow to auto on plugins by default to prevent cut off


Set overflow of plugin dialog (or form) to auto or scroll for cases where it is on a small screen.

Steps to reproduce
Create a very tall dialog and open on Windows. Or shrink the size of the main application window and then open a plugin.
Part of the plugin (on Windows) will be cut off.

Scroll bars appear when needed

Content is cut off


Somewhat related: The option to be able to set a max-height for dialogs such that they don’t overflow on small windows of XD would already help a lot. Currently, there is no real “safe” height which we can use on dialogs so that we can’t even manually use overflow (since we can’t really use any height, allowing for a useful scrolling functionality in the first place :wink:).

If that gets added by default or if I have to add some own CSS really wouldn’t matter to me (it wouldn’t hurt, but it’s not important to me). So I’ve voted for having the ability to use an useful overflow behavior (may that be enabled by default or not).


Hmm… If you are on OSX the dialog grows in size to fit the content even if it extends past the height of the application or screen.

On Windows the dialog is sized to the height of the content OR the height of the main application window whichever is smaller. Any content that does not fit is clipped inside the dialog (NET - not extensively tested).

I’ve added overflow auto to the main form and then set the height of some elements in the form to an excessive amount and also set a height smaller than the content on the form and it’s showing scroll bars.

The changes I made will only affect the Windows side of things so I also reduced the height of the form to shortest height possible for the OSX side.

BTW When you resize the main application scroll bars appear automatically in various parts of the application.


So, the intent here would be to allow overflow: scroll or overflow: auto to work as expected, I think. However, because of a bug where the dialog height isn’t properly reported, the system doesn’t know to apply a scrollbar. Definitely a bug, and something we’ll be working on fixing. :slight_smile:


On Windows, XD is already setting a max height. The height of a dialog is limited to the height of the main application. Maximize the application and the dialog has a greater max height. This is different than in OSX where the dialog is sized to whatever the content is.

So in Windows you would want a min height. Because if you say, this is the minimum height I need then a container that resizes to available space will say, if the form must be at least this high and the space available is less than that, then clip (current behavior) or add scroll bars. A min height would do the same as manually setting the content height.

@kerrishotts Can the differences in dialogs be converged or are their OS specific limitations?