Show Hand Cursor over plugin UI controls?


Is there a way to show a hand cursor over some UI elements?

I want to show a hand cursor over a text link in my UI and possibly some buttons and other controls to make it more clear they are clickable.


I tried with no luck :confused:

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Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any way to do that at this point in time. You could open a feature request (you’ll definately get a vote from me :wink:)…

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Yep, right now there’s no cursor support in CSS. Please open a feature request :slight_smile:


My friend wants to know where to go to open feature requests.


@Velara Just open a new topic in the API-Feedback/Feature Requests section (, it seems to make it a feature request (where people can vote) automatically…

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@Velara Voted :wink:

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