Transition information from XD file

Hi ,

Can someone please help me out to get transition information from XD file in Javascript.(custom plugin).

Thanks in advance !!!

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Hi @Ashish,

Since XD 19, you can use the interactions module for retrieving all transition data for a document (see Also, since that release, you can get per-node data by using SceneNode.triggeredInteractions, see

With this, you can, e.g., retrieve such info like this:

const interactions = require('interactions');

function main(selection, root) {
    console.log('Selection node transition data:');
    const selectionInteractions = selection.items[0].trigerredInteractions;
    console.log('All interactions:');

module.exports.commands = { main }

I hope this helps :wink:, and, by the way: Welcome to the forums :wave::slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @pklaschka ,

Thanks for your help. i used Interactions module and got the below JSON
“interactions”: [
“trigger”: {
“type”: “tap”
“action”: {
“type”: “goToArtboard”,
“destination”: {
“_childrenList”: {}
“preserveScrollPosition”: false,
“transition”: {
“type”: “push”,
“fromSide”: “L”,
“easing”: “ease-out”,
“duration”: 0.3

in the above JSON, Destination Artboard node info not exists. May you please sugggest me how to get these information.



destination field should give you that information. Try console.loging that property only (drill down to it). Ref: