XD 22 still has low-resolution icons in plugins list

Looks like it’s still using the icon@1x (24px) icon in a 24px x 24px image. Should be using at least the @2x so it looks decent on Retina screens.

It makes the plugin list look bad, which is not what you want at your premier panel roll-out…

Thanks for the feedback. CC: @afuchs

@cpryland, do you mean icons in the Discover/Manage Plugins list, or icons in the Welcome screen “Add-ons” list? Are you seeing this for all plugins or just the one(s) you’ve authored?

On my Retina MBP screen, icons in the Discover/Manage Plugins view are definitely using the 2x images.

The icons in the main “top-level” plugins panel.

I just installed “Swapper” and it also looks low-res, though, yes, so far I was only looking at xdpm-installed development plugins.

Yes, the plugins in the plugin manager dialog list appear to be Retina.