XD 31 release notes

XD 31 is now public! In this release, UXP’s version number has been bumped to, however, there are no new features for XD extensibility in this release.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed some bugs that could cause SVGs to crash XD

  • Fixed a Windows 10 crashing issue related to UXPStorageFile

  • Fixed a crash when encountering em units

  • Fixed bug around img onload event not firing

“Side Loading” plugins via the plugins folder is now disabled

XD 31 will no longer load plugins copied directly into the plugins folder. Only plugins installed by double clicking an .xdx file or using the Plugin Manager will be loaded. On the initial launch of XD 31 any previously “side loaded” plugin into the plugins folder should be registered and still load, but any subsequent plugin side loading will not load. The develop folder will still allow side loading and reloading of plugins as in previous versions of XD.

To reiterate:

  1. develop folder: no change

  2. plugins folder: our no-touch policy is now enforced by the application

You can read more about XD 31’s Creative Cloud document folders and the “Learn” tab here.