XDWidgets Plugin coming soon just submited to Console


Agreed. I did something similar in my Text Toolbox plugin. Use one shortcut and give users more shortcuts inside the dialog (also making it easier for users to access functions without knowing the shortcuts at the beginning).

Another advantage is that you can have single keys inside the dialog, only requiring users to learn one “complex” shortcut and use single keys to select what they want inside the dialog.

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yeah, but shortcuts are best way without interference with ui, also widgets are basic ones any one need like making a new artboard in ui anyway i will try follow up others opinion where it was relevant to me. May be i may try @pklaschka approach for that



@pklaschka @igcorreia @kerrishotts
is new one works

@igcorreia what is your UTC ? what is the best time to get reply from you



Yep, the new version works as it should.



The thing is that with your solution, users need to remember all the “global” shortcuts. If they don’t, this will be the workflow for them:

  1. Go into the plugins menu
  2. Search for your plugin’s submenu
  3. Search through the long list of commands in your plugin’s submenu (partially truncated by the shortcuts) – tedious since there are no icons making it easy to find what one needs
  4. Repeat anytime one needs to do one “simple” thing your plugin tries to make easier

If you have one command and a nice dialog showing the options, this could be the workflow:

  1. User doesn’t know the shortcut => User easily finds the one action in the plugins menu
  2. The user can quickly find what they search because your UI can include Icons
  3. The user probably remembers the one “global” shortcut and with it, he/she can quickly access the dialog and (step 2) quickly find the needed action
  4. With time, users will begin to remember the simple one-key-shortcuts inside the dialog, making it extremely fast to reach them (even faster than having to press “Ctrl+Shift+SomethingDifferent” every time).

It is your plugin, of course, but from a user’s perspective, I’ll definately use it with a simple UI (not forcing me to learn shortcuts but letting me intuitively remember them over time), but the way it is right now, I’m (in all honesty – no offense, but you asked for feedback :slightly_smiling_face: ) getting “scared away” by the non-intuitive workflow (especially since your target audience are UX-Designers who will judge you for every faux pas UX-wise :wink:). Other than that (but that’s a real bummer right now), I love your plugin and (if you change this), it will definately find its way into my workflow in XD. (I beg you: Please change this, I want to use this plugin and recommend it to my coworkers :pray:)

Edit: Also, you’ll have a much easier relationship with other developers when you’re not reserving a ton of shortcuts :laughing:




Do you have a code snippet that how you handle the user input in dialog to handle action
I was far from html and js for long years till now since main projects are android projects with java, kotlin, flutter etc



Of course, if you have your dialog object, it’s just

dialog.addEventListener("keydown", evt => {
  switch (evt.key.toLowerCase) {
    case 'a':
      // [...]
    // [...]


OK, I may/will try this in next release. thanks for the snippet i will refer you plugin once for the ui thing.
@pklaschka How will you know that some n number of people downloaded your plugin ?



Thanks. And the answer to the question unfortunately is that one doesn’t know how many people have downloaded it at this point in time (i think that’s something that is being worked on, though) …



# of downloads is something we’re working on exposing.

However, in the meantime, there’s always the option of your own analytics (even Google Analytics should work). If you do that, I suggest the following:

  • Keep the analytics anonymous so as to comply with GDPR
  • Allow the user to disable the analytics using a setting somewhere in your UI
  • Have a privacy policy indicating that you do track use and what you do with that data

Of course, the above doesn’t track downloads or installs. But it can be used to track instantiations and actual use.



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