"You're disconnected" while installing plugin


We got customer’s complain that they can’t install plugin as they are facing error “You’re disconnected” without any details or ways to fix it. Window just hangs for couple minutes and shows error after that.

Steps to reproduce

Just click install from the plugins page.

@gdreyv, It works for me on Mac. No error message.

It works for me as well but doesn’t work for user :slight_smile: Obviously such error exists as it’s handled and shown somehow. But how to detected and resolve the problem?

JFYI cloud sync is enabled in Creative Cloud app.

I’m unable to replicate this error. I suspect the customer ran into the internet connection issue?

Right, I tried after unplugging the ethernet cable. It’s simply a matter of connection.

But it works before getting to that page. I mean user went to the web page, click install it redirects to the xd web site, prompt to open xd and so on.
What’s the real url of the plugin which is used to download it? Does it require any specific ports to be open?

I wonder if the download is being blacklisted on the user’s machine? Perhaps a domain isn’t being allowed, or some antivirus scanner is being overly cautious?

Maybe :slight_smile: That’s why I’m asking about exact url and port which are used to download the plugin so we can ask user for details.

@afuchs / @peterflynn / @schenglooi Any thoughts here? ^^^

It looks like all plugins are on ccext-cdn.adobecces.comdomain. Is it the only domain used for download? Should we check anything else?